Paneer Bhurji
Scrambled paneer with onion and spices
Veg Korma
Mixed vegetable in a creamy curry sauce
Dum Aloo
Whole potatoes, kashmiri chillies and regional spices
Stir-fried bitter gourd in signature spices
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Stir-fried okra in signature spices.
Bhindi Masala
Stir-fried okra, onion in signature spices.
Batata Rasavalu
Potatoes with soupy gravy.
Tindora, garam masala, curry leaves, lemon juice, signature spices
Batata Sukhi Bhaji
Dry potato sabzi.
Gobi, garam masala, ginger, tomatoes, signature spices
Popular Gujarati Sabzi / Entree from Surat, India. Mixed vegetables, fried dumplings cooked with signature spices.
Methi Aloo
Stir-fried potatoes in fenugreek leaves
Gatte Ki Sabzi
Popular Rajasthani dish made from gram flour (besan) roundels which are added to a curd-based gravy.
Dudhi Peas Potato
Dudhi (also known as Lauki or Long Squash), peas, potato cooked in signature spices
Dudhi Daal
Dudhi (also known as Lauki or Long Squash), mix daal, tomato, signature spices
Beans Aloo
Stir-fried potatoes and beans in signature spices
Baingan Bharta
Also known as Ringna No Oro. Fire-roasted eggplant cooked with signature spices
Palak Paneer
Paneer, spinach, cream, signature spices
Paneer Butter Masala
Lightly fried paneer simmered in mild tomato cream sauce, nuts